Wellness Circles

Aromatic Harmony, a Wellness Center, began with a desire to offer opportunities to improve whole life wellness to our community. How does Aromatic Harmony define whole life wellness? We see it as an active process of achieving the individual’s full potential within Six (6) Domains of Life and involves an individual’s dynamic change and growth to achieve optimal wellness.

The Six Domains of Life are: 1). Relationships and Family; 2). Physical Health; 3). Livelihood; 4) Community Connection; 5) Creation, Exploration, and Play; 6) Psychological and Spiritual Health

We recognize within the Six Domains of Life many diverse strategies, activities, and processes that work in harmony with an individual’s lifestyle, values, and beliefs. These may include the use of essential oils and herbs, classes on wellness topics, therapeutic massage, stress management classes, well life coaching, opportunities for community well life circles, such as Reiki, arts and crafts and game play, and many more opportunities for optimal whole life wellness.

Join Aromatic Harmony’s journey to wellness by participating in an upcoming event, class, or well life circle so you can discover your path to whole life wellness!