Self Care IS Love

The time has come for us to rewrite the book. The book that is our lives. In the last year our lives have been uprooted, turned upside down, and blasted off to another world I would never have imagined I would see in my lifetime. They say every 100 years something major happens, perhaps this is the cycle of life and we are along for the ride? 

The main stage for me this last year is my ability to think outside the box. Be innovative, and open up new ideas not only in myself, but those around me. Typically, people are afraid of change, new ideas and possibilities. This year has allowed other people to open up and not be afraid to try new things. And wow that’s been refreshing not to have to fight the system everywhere I go. See what you may not know about me is that I love change! I thrive on it. Even though I tend to be very ritualistic. I get aggravated when someone parks in my parking spot downtown (Merissa), but at least I know where she works. I need to wash my hands 2 times before I go into a massage session and 2 times after. (Not because I’m OCD. Well maybe a little OCD) I have to use the bathroom as soon as I come home from work, even if I just went at work. I like my quiet time in the morning, about an hour, and get very agitated when its disrupted. But everything else in the middle, that needs to be constantly different. Needs to be interrupted, and every day that becomes the same day over and over again, is like the movie Groundhog Day. I get bored, and then I move on to something else. 

See the joy of owning my own business, especially a Wellness Center, allows me to explore ALL possibilities. All avenues of Wellness. There are many roads, and they all lead to one giant tree, what I like to call the Tree of Wellness. Each branch coming from the tree turns into a road,  a path, a stream, or a patch of grass. And once you found one of these magical spots, you follow it and find yourself, at some point, at the base of this tree. The tree that is the center of all of it. The tree that has all the answers, even 42. Aromatic Harmony is a larger branch on this tree, we are a stopping point, or a starting point. However, you want to look at it. For you to find your way, your way to the The Tree. The Tree that brings you life, that reawakens a part of you, you are missing. We are more than just massage, teas and Aromatherapy. We are your guides to wellness. 

But back to this year. So here we are in 2021, and its already a shit show. But all around me people are being more and more innovative as we still cannot seem to find a way back to where we were. But who wants to live in the past? Not me, that for sure. I want to look at the future while doing my damnest to be in the present. 

Living in the present is the most important thing right now. Yes, yesterday sucked balls, and so did the day before that and the day before that… all the way to March 12, 2020. Before lock down was looming, before I went into my surgery and woke up in another universe. 

So today, I live for today. I text my accountability partner my plan for the day, and she does the same back, and together we ensure that our tasks get done TODAY. Yes, we have to plan for tomorrow, but we should not live in tomorrow. For as Master Oogway in Kung FU Panda says. “There is a saying: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”

So let’s live it. 

In January we talked about letting go of what was not serving us from 2020. The vises we picked up, the bad habits that began to control our lives. This Month, February, we are going to focus on Loving Thy Self. 

We made our ‘death’ and let go. Now we need to nurture our soul, our heart, and remind ourselves that we care about ourselves. While the rest of the world is focusing on loving others, this month we are going to love ourselves. 

That’s why This month’s Single oil of the month will be Cardamon. Working with Cathy and Florian from Aromagnosis, they showed me how powerful this oil can be when working closely with it. 

How do you work closely with an oil you ask? Let me share with you how I work with an oil, for it is truly different for each person. 

I wear a piece of jewelry that allows me to wear an oil for up to 2 weeks. It resonated around me and becomes a part of me. Its fragrance comes and goes, and when I need it I find myself unconsciously grabbing my necklace and smelling my oil. I put Cardamom in my necklace and have really focused on how it has helped me in the last week. 

Cathy shared with me how great Cardamom is for moving energy to the heart, to help us slow down, treasure the present, and to move stagnation in the gut, both metaphysically and physically. By allowing us to slow down and move energy to our heart we can move forward past whatever blockages are in the way because we can see them, we can hear our heart tell us how to break that wall down and we can move thru it. And it helps curb sugar cravings, which has been very helpful as I lessen my sugar intake. 

If you have this oil, I recommend you sit with it. Light a candle and meditate on the oil as you inhale it slowly. Journal your responses to it, follow the scent of this oil from your nose to your feet and back up again. Breathe deeply through each inhalation of this oil and make note of each individual feeling you have. Allow this beautiful oil to penetrate your soul and move energy to your heart, so you can begin the path of nourishment. February will allow you to slowly explore yourself, the love you have for yourself. 

Mediate on that. And if you need help with Mediation, see Sophia Hyde’s blog on mediation, its brilliant and I couldn’t have said it better.

Stay tuned for Our own tea and mediation practice that will begin this summer in our new Education Center.

Til next time