Love Thy Self Blend

Love Thy Self Blend


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To love they self one must generate warmth in their heart.

Open up their mind to their inner true self, and allow them to be free.

This blend will bring out the warmth within, and allow an awaking with in your heart.


Rose Petals

Red Raspberry Leaf






How to use this herbal blend:

1tablespoon herb

8 ounces boiling water

8 Minute steep

We use a french press to allow the herbs to have the room too unfurl and release all their benefits.

This is the perfect tea to drink before or after mediation, yoga, or journaling.  Add little cardamom essential oil to your diffuser as you mediate with this tea will redirect all the energy to your heart and see where this magical blend will take you.

*all herbs are organic, fairtrade and blended by Aromatic Harmony


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