First Responders Kit

First Responders Kit


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Chris created this set for First Responders but we realized it is also for those of us who have to keep moving even when grief is at it’s sharpest point.

O’ Dark 30 Spray:
an essential oil blend in a linen/body spray to give you a boost at that darket time of day. That is just the thing, at O’Dark 30, you could be waiting for your relief to show up, or just starting, or in the last pull off a night shift. This fresh, energetic spray will give you a lift while you wait for the sun (or your relief) to show up.

an essential oil blend in a linen/body spray for use during emotionally charged, unpleasant events. The oils used are based on information gathered from ancient medicine as well as modern research. Angelica is keystone to this blend. As a medicinal herb found in Viking burial sites, it’s ability to restrict emotional response is invaluable to those who have a job to do in these incredibly difficult situations.

End of Shift:
an essential oil blend in a linen/body spray with a calming and centering blend of essential oils that will lubricate the transition to “Off Duty”. Centering resilience to accept the events of the day, as well as a supportive downshift from a hypervigilance state of readiness that uniformed duty demands. Non- sedative but relaxing ensures that you can enjoy doing things after your End of Shift.


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